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Vision for JEMA 2018-2019

An association passionate about advancing the specialty of Emergency Medicine in Jamaica


The Jamaica Emergency Medicine Association exists to support quality emergency medical care and to promote the interests of Emergency Physicians



  1. To promote public education and engage the public around emergent conditions to enhance the understanding of measures that can be taken by members of the public to improve outcomes in medical emergencies.
  2. To promote education and academic excellence for its members to be achieved by:
    1. Arranging academic teachings and encouraging postgraduate training
    2. Encouraging members to attend international conferences
    3. Assisting in improving the skills of members through special courses
    4. Encouraging and supporting basic and clinical research in emergency medicine
  3. To promote universally available and cost effective emergency care of patients across the island.
  4. To promote awareness amongst other members of the medical fraternity of the role of the Emergency Medicine Physician
  5. To establish a standard of emergency medical care expected of all facilities that offer acute care and formulate policies ordained by the authoritative body that will ensure the preservation of this standard.

Values for JEMA 2018-2019

  • Integrity
    • Committed, trustworthy, reliable, consistent, passionate
  • Professionalism
    • Collegial, respect, high personal standards of behavior
  • Accountability
    • Responsible, follow through on commitments
  • Teamwork
    • Feedback, shared knowledge, good communication, proactive
Social media links:
instagram: jema_emerg


  1. Sexual Assault Workshop on Feb 15th, 2019 at the Port Antonio Hospital
  2. JEMA Week of Activities (March 23 – March 31, 2019)
    1. ECG Workshop (Mar 23) at Department of Emergency Medicine, UHWI
    2. Church Service (Mar 24) at the Dominion Centre, Kingdom Embassy Ministries
    3. Hospital Tour (Mar 25) at Sav La Mar Hospita
    4. Ultrasound Workshop (Mar 29) at Department of Emergency Medicine, UHWI
    5. Annual JEMA Conference (Mar 31) at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel


  1. Christmas Social Outreach to Jerusalem Children’s Home. Took place Dec 15th, 2018

Members got the opportunity to tour the beautiful grounds of the Jerusalem Home and interact with the residents and staff. Gifts and donations were also presented to the residents.

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Inline image
2. 2nd Annual Orthopedic Workshop in conjunction with UHWI Orthopedics Department. Took place November 10th, 2018
This workshop was facilitated by Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon Dr Andrew Ameerally. Participants were educated on Splinting in the ER and were awarded 4 CME credits.

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3. Fund-raising Cake Sale. Took place Sep 28th, 2018 


Our first fundraiser for the  executive year 2018/2019 was a success. Much needed funds were raised to support planned activities.

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