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Medical Association of Jamaica



        1               NEW YEARS DAY

       8               MAJ Executive Meeting

      12               AGPJ Conference

      19               CCFP Conference

  24-25              12th Annual Nephrology and Hypertension Conference

      30               JMHS Seminar – Alzheimer’s disease: what next?


       2               JMDA Ethics Seminar

       4               World Cancer Day

       5               MAJ Executive Meeting

       9               CCFP Triennial Conference – Planetary Health 2020

       9               JCS Conference on Multiple Myeloma

      15               Annual Cardiology Symposium

       22-23                    DOBGYN Annual Perinatal Conference

      23               ACPJ Ethics Symposium

      26               ASH WEDNESDAY


  1. MAJ Council Meeting
  2. JUS Annual Symposium

4               World ObesityDay

       4               MAJ Executive Meeting

          4                    HFJ Medical Symposium & Prof. Knox Hagley Memorial Lecture

       8               World Sight Day

      15               CCFP Conference

      15               JCS Colon Cancer Medical Symposium

      22               OSJ Annual Conference

26-27                    HFJ Advanced Cardiac Life Support Course 

      29               JEMA 20th Annual Conference


       1               MAJ Executive Meeting

       5               MAJIF Risk Mgmt & Ethics Seminar

       5               JCS Dr. Joseph St. Elmo Hall Memorial Lecture Series

       7               World Health Day

       10              GOOD FRIDAY

      13               EASTER MONDAY

      19               AGPJ Conference

      23               CCFP Seminar

23-24                    HFJ Paediatric Advanced Life Support Course

23-25                    26th Annual UDOP Conference “Diabetes: What’s trending?”

25-26                    CGCS Conference

       26                    DAJ Annual Symposium

       30                    JMHS Seminar  – Ageing with wealth: Healthy Retirement Planning


       6               MAJ Executive Meeting

          7                    HFJ ECG Dysrhythmia Recognition Course

      10               World Lupus Day

16-17                    ASJ 62nd Annual Clinical Conference

      17               World Hypertension Day

      17               CCFP Conference

      19               World Family Doctor Day

      23               LABOUR DAY

      24               MAJ Council Meeting

       25                    MRH Annual OBGYN Symposium

28-29                    HFJ Advanced Cardiac Life Support Course 

      31               MAJ Annual Church Service

      31               World No Tobacco Day


       4               MAJ Opening Ceremony

       5               MAJ Annual Ethics Seminar

       6               MAJ Annual Awards Banquet

     5-7               MAJ ScientificSymposium – Jamaica Pegasus Hotel

      14               VJH ScientificSymposium

      14               World Blood Donor Day


  1. MAJ Executive Meeting

      2-5                    UWI Annual Internal Medicine Review

      12               ACOG Conference

      12               AGPJ Conference

      11               World Population Day

      19               CCFP Conference

      30               JMHS Seminar – The ABC’s of a Healthy Long and Productive Life: 20/20 vision



5               MAJ Executive Meeting

       6               INDEPENDENCE DAY

      27               CCFP Seminar

       27                    HFJ ECG Dysrhythmia Recognition Course

      30               MAJ Council Meeting


  • MAJ Executive Meeting

      11               UWI/ ACPJ Rolf Richards Distinguished Lecture

12-13               ACPJ Annual Symposium and Banquet

      20               CCFP Conference

24-25                    HFJ Advanced Cardiac Life Support Course 

      27               MAJ Annual General Meeting

      27               JCS Prostate Cancer

      28               MRH Annual Research Day

      29               World Heart Day


       4               MAJIF Risk Mgmt & Ethics Seminar

       7               MAJ Executive Meeting

      10               Mental Health Day

      10               World Sight Day

      11               Jamaica Pain Collaborative Conference

      11               JCS Breast Cancer Medical Symposium

      18               JMHS Seminar – Menopause: A new beginning (World Menopause Day)

      19               NATIONAL HEROES DAY

      24               JKKF Paediatric Nephrology Workshop

      25               Jamaica Kids Foundation Conference

      25               KPH Annual Conference


  1. JAO-HNS Annual Conference  

1                    CCFP/ JVMA One Health Conference

1                    Annual Lupus Symposium

       3               World One Health Day

       4               MAJ Executive Meeting

          5                    HFJ ECG Dysrhythmia Recognition Course

          8                    AAJ Conference

        8               AGPJ Conference

      15               JACP Annual Conference

      15               ETT Annual Symposium

11-14                    CANS 45th Annual Scientific Conference 

      14               World Diabetes Day

16-17                    HFJ Advanced Cardiac Life Support Course 

    19-20               MOH Annual National Health Research Conference

         22               JCS Lung Cancer Medical Symposium

         25               MAJ Founders’ Day

      26               CCFP Seminar

26-27                    HFJ Paediatric Advanced Life Support Course

      29               MAJ Council Meeting


       1               World AIDS Day

       2               MAJ Executive Meeting

      13               CCFP Seminar

      25               CHRISTMAS DAY

      26               BOXING DAY


ACPJ                     Association of Consultant Physicians of Jamaica

AGPJ                     Association of General Practitioners of Jamaica

ASJ                        Association of Surgeons of Jamaica

CAO                       Caribbean Association of Otolaryngologists

CANS                    Caribbean Association of Neurological Surgeons

CAGES                 Caribbean Association of Gynaecological Endoscopic Surgeons

CGCS                    Caribbean Gynecologic Cancer Society

CCFP                     Caribbean College of Family Physicians

CCS                       Caribbean Cardiac Society

CDA                       Caribbean Dermatology Association

CIN                         Caribbean Institute of Nephrology

CNA                       Caribbean Neurological Association

DAJ                        Dermatology Association of Jamaica

DOBGYN              Department of OBGYN & Child’s Health, UWI

ESC                        Epilepsy Society of the Caribbean

ETT                        Ena Thomas Trust

FMS                       Faculty of Medical Sciences

HFJ                        HEART Foundation of Jamaica

JAA                        Jamaica Anaesthetists Association

JACP                     Jamaica Association of Clinical Pathologists

JAO-HNS             Jamaica Association of Otolaryngologists – Head and Neck Surgeons

JAR                        Jamaica Association of Radiologists

JMDA                    Jamaica Medical Doctors’ Association

JMHS                     Jamaica Midlife Health Society

JOA                       Jamaica Orthopaedic Association

JUS                        Jamaica Urological Society

JKKF                     Jamaica Kidney Kids Foundation

KPH                       Kingston Public Hospital

MAJ                       Medical Association of Jamaica

MAJIF                    Medical Association of Jamaica Insurance Fund

MOH                      Ministry of Health

MRH                       Mandeville Regional Hospital

OSJ                        Ophthalmological Society of Jamaica

OSWI                     Ophthalmological Society of the West Indies

PAJ                        Paediatric Association of Jamaica

UWI                        University of the West Indies

UWIFMS               University of the West Indies Faculty of Medical Sciences

VJH                        Victoria Jubilee Hospital

WFDD                   World Family Doctors’ Day